“Follow the leader”
Indian Express, Read Article.

” an Indian tale that charmed our judges”
– Alexandria Film, Read Article.

“a winning screenplay peppered with smart, witty repartee. A strong cast of Vikram Kochar and Abhishek Rawat led by Rajpal Yadav makes ‘Pied Piper’ a definitive crowd favourite” 
– lazycriticblog, Read Article.

“Good Indian Political satires are rare. So, when you see one, you hope it gains a wide audience.”
– Man’s World India, Read Article.

“Pied Piper transforms the ancient moralistic fable of  the washerman and his donkey into a social-political satire on the great circus of Indian Democracy”
Asian Media USA, Read Article.

“A really Inventive Film! Sort of a story that I think the people will really enjoy!”
Patti North, Festival programming director and Chairperson, talks about Pied Piper as a highlight of the Alexandria Film  Festival in a TV interview (09:22), Watch Interview.

“Our audience really enjoyed the film.The film connected a lot with political issues of our country and that made the movie so interesting for the audience. The genius metaphor about creating the demigod to fight corruption blew my mind. Such an amazing product!”
Sabri Pajaziti, Ferfilm Festival Artistic director, (also leader of culture sector at Culture Centre in Ferizaj, Kosoves), via; an email.

Producer Of The Year

Producers Vivek Budakoti and Rajita Sharma were the winners of “Producers of the Year” award (New Talents Awards)
in the year 2011 for their serial Ram Milayi Jodi.